Work With The Coach Redesign

Work With The Coach is an LA based Digital Marketing agency that works with celebrities in building their online brand and identity. I was hired to take their already existing website give them a new web presence.

While I don't have any renderings of the old site, WWTC is very experienced in the social network aspect of digital branding but not as knowledgable in effective website strategies, so it had a few problems:

The Old Site

  • It was built on Wordpress out of ease rather than necessity and as a result page load times were slow and interaction was clunky.
  • It was overly flashy but failed to give very much information.
  • It had a lot of bugs that resulted from putting a lot of arbitrary plugins together.

My Goals

  • To use ony the necessary tools, in order to avoid bloat.
  • While still being aesthetically pleasing, the web page needs to convey accurate and important information.
  • A design that puts forth an idea of class since the company represents celebrities.

Design Mockups

While they are only slightly different, all three iterations of the mockup follow the same clean and efficient design ideology.
In my opinion, The one page design is the most efficient for the little amount of information that needs to be portrayed, the site only serves one purpose: to inform.

The company eventually did a pivot in their online image and went with another designer for their new webpage, the site is still accessible and useable below.