Mischief Ventured

Mischief Ventured was a start up project that I worked on. The aim of the project was to lower the barrier for entry into Hollywood with a social network for entertainment professionals that would allow interaction between them. It was aimed at screenwriters, enabling them to sell their scripts directly to people who would want to bid on them. I was the UX Designer, General Project Manager and a member of the Front End Developement team.

Style Guide

When I joined the project, quite a bit of work was already underway and fairly detailed mockups of the proposed finished product already existed so I felt that it was important to create a general style guide so everyone on the Front End team could be on the same page.


The wireframe helped the front end team have a full understanding of exactly what pages needed to be done and how the user would navigate through the website.
Clicking on this image will take you to an interactive PDF version.

Due to uncontrollable circumstances the idea isn't being funded anymore, but the team is still working on it as a passion project in the hopes that it will hit the market someday! That being the case, the ideas that sparked this project are still alive and well and growing in concept until funding resumes.